What the Prosecutors

young prosecutor trying to do what's right

Anonymous asked: You know it makes you (and by extension other DA's) look bad when you pretty much copy whatthepublicdefender exactly even down to mirroring the name? Have some prosecutorial pride and at least make an attempt at doing your own thing--otherwise it's just sad.

Please read my FYI which clearly states that I was inspired by What the Public Defender.  I emailed the owner of that site and told her about this site, to which she replied that she finally has a place to link people who ask if there is a prosecution counterpart. Had she mentioned that she felt unflattered and wanted me to take it down - or at least make it more “original,” I certainly would have. I’m sorry you feel that it’s “sad,” but I think it’s sad that you can’t find amusement in something meant for fun.  Thank you for visiting!

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